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Watercolor Flowers

About Us


Sharing the good life with our dogs is what the farm is about—growing (and hunting) our own vegetables—and each dog in the pack has a job on the farm, based on the skills of their breed.. I am a Lanikai girl who left before it became condos and traffic jams. We came out to Maui with our pack of Samoyeds, and we found the cool climate and open space of the Maui Carnation Farm to be a perfect fit. The carnations gave way to bigger plants (protea) as our dogs went from Samoyeds to the giants.
All our dogs come from champion bloodlines and we hope to have the AKC sanctioned dog shows/competition return to Maui so that our dogs too can win their titles!

We are a kennel in that we have AKC dogs with pedigrees, but we are not a kennel in the sense of chainlink and dog runs.

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