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Russian Wolfhound

The Russian Wolfhound, or Borzoi (meaning “fast”), were bred as wolf-hunting dogs by Russian royalty. They have narrow heads, long silky feathered coats, and they are the third tallest dog breed. Borzoi tend to be quiet, intelligent, independent dogs with an almost supernatural grace. But don’t be fooled by their elegance and good looks, they are wicked fast, and ours love the water.

They are swift and gorgeous and yes, they do love to hunt. On the farm, they keep the pheasants and quail out of the fields. Borzoi are a sight hound with a very aristocratic air—never have I allowed dogs on the couches until the borzoi said so.

They make great house dogs, but because they are natural runners, they need plenty of access to large spaces for play. However, they should never run off-leash in an unfenced area.

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